The top 5 adventures activities

“Acrophobia gripped me as I stood on top of the platform 200 feet high and the will power required to make the jump, was immense. I realized the inevitable as I saw the ground rush towards me. The only thing I could manage to do was close my eyes, mutter

South India Wildllife Sanctuaries & the type of wildlife you’d expect to see

Amongst numerous other things, India is also popular for its natural beauty and wildlife. In fact, India’s fascinating beauty can be clearly seen in 440 sanctuaries, 80 national parks and around 23 Tiger reserves. All these have been set up and established by the Government of India. Wildlife in India

Encounters Of The Wild Kind

Tales from the Bandipur Safari Apart from grey langurs and giant squirrels, I had seen little that I could write home about. Of course, that is exciting too, but when your mates have seen two tigers in a day while your attention was on a cloud shaped like an ice-cream,

What To Do When Elephant Charges When On Foot

Here are some tips on how to escape an elephant attack. Don’t forget to share it with your friends because it may be handy for many wildlife enthusiasts and trekkers. This content was built because my brother got in direct contact with an wild elephant in Bandipur during a trek

Resorts in Bandipur

It is that time of the year when you need a break from monotonous life and feel like escaping into the woods or driving long on endless roads until without any intentions to return into the materialistic world. Unlike a few years ago when adults would go through such a

Couples Taking A Holiday

Importance of couples taking a holiday without children once in a year The present scenario of daily life is highly complicated, confusing and risky. The lifestyle has become more rough and tough. Managing a marital life in smooth attractive manner requires eminent skills and dedication. It is highly mandatory to

What To Do If a Snake Enters a Home or Office ?

Why should you not kill Snakes?

Top 10 Resorts in Bandipur

Are you yearning to be embraced by our Mother Nature? Then the right choice of place for you would be Bandipur in Chamarajanagar district within the state of Karnataka. It falls within the Nilgiri Bioreserve zone created for protecting the most endangered species of India, the Tiger. The place offers